• Marlowe Cuadra

Jamaica Honeymooning James Bond Style

Any James Bond fan can surely remember the ever-popular scene where Honey Ryder (Ursula Andress) exits the sea singing softly with conch shells in her hand and wearing the most stunning white belted bikini. That scene was shot in none other than the beautiful lands of Jamaica where Ian Fleming prefered to write all the James Bond novels from his comfy Jamaican refuge. With scenery as breathtaking and majestic as the one in the film, who wouldn’t want to spend their long-awaited honeymoon in Jamaica- James Bond style?

Jamaica’s beauty is hardly comparable and the natives know it. That’s why most of the luscious island includes resorts, plantations and cottages that cater to honeymooners and visitors from all over the world. The island’s unrefined charm is certainly pleasing to the eye and provides plenty of excitement and allure for anyone visiting. As you and your partner set out to take in some of the island’s sites, be sure to enjoy a soak in the natural heart-shaped pool found at Reach Falls or go snorkeling in the crystal clear shores before sitting down for a candlelight dinner on the beach.

Planning Your Stay

Taxis and Ubers don’t quite exist in Jamaica so be sure to book ahead with one of the island’s car services if you wish to explore as much of the island as you can in the short time you’re there. If you chose to purchase an all-inclusive stay through one of the island’s resorts, then you may already have car service with the package you selected for your honeymoon. Either way, it is the easiest way to move around, allowing you to view the vibrant streets bustling with food stands, live music and unique little shops.

When it comes to lodging, the options are endless and each one of them has their own style and character to make your honeymoon come alive. Carefully scope out all the resorts online before booking with one too quickly. View the cottages that line the shore, the mega hotel resorts with an abundance of amenities, and the quiet retreats situated on picturesque farms. All of them present exciting features such as horseback riding, canopy tours, spas, paddle boarding classes, snorkeling, and much more. Of course, if you really wanted to live it up like James Bond you could book your stay near Crab Key in Ocho Rios where that ever-so famous scene in “Dr. No” was filmed.

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