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My name is Marlowe Cuadra, and I love ‘LOVE’. I also believe there is truth to the saying, “Travel is Love.” Romance, Weddings and Celebrations, mixed with my passion for all things Caribbean, have inspired me to do what I love…To bring you and an amazing destination together!

Our goal is to design YOUR special celebration story! We provide personalized design services, whether you are celebrating a romantic getaway, honeymoon, wedding or a group celebration, our services allow for a stress-free, time saving experience that results in a memorable celebration of love.

Hear from some of our past clients about their travel experiences. Read about the services they chose, what we booked for them, and what they had to say about their trip and more!

Take a peak at some of our favorite tropical destinations around the world, from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, and get inspired for your next luxurious adventure!

So you know where you want to go, but what does a fabulous vacation actually look like? How will you spend your days to make the most of your trip? Explore a few of our sample itineraries for a glimpse of what your custom trip could look like.

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Your wedding day, in most cases, is the most significant and exciting day of your life. Imagine saying “I do” in a tropical location and spending three to seven remarkable days bonding and celebrating with the ones you love.

Traveling with the one you love should be an escape from the ordinary to a beautiful locale away from everyday life’s moments, and there are endless opportunities for you to find romance. I will connect you with incredible experiences beyond the ordinary.

Travel is about making memories! Bring your friends and family together to celebrate in style amid tropical splendor, pristine beaches and fiery sunsets. I will design a custom itinerary with unforgettable highlights to mark the occasion and one that you will remember forever.

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