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Feeling Guilty about Having a Destination Wedding? Don't!

Destination weddings have quickly become one of the most desired ways to get married. Although many older generations, friends and family may frown upon the idea of you and your fiance running off to get eloped, it is most certainly okay to spend your special day however your heart desires. Don’t let the emotions of all those around you make you change your mind. There is no need to feel bad for your decision. After all, the day is about the celebration and reunion of two people in love, not the love between you and everyone else in your lives.

Planning a destination wedding typically includes a guest list of around 6 to 12 people. Those who want to be there, will be so don’t get wrapped up in all the babble going around. Focus on the advantages of having a destination wedding and you will be well on your way to spending your wedding day the way you have always dreamt.

Why You Should Go through with a Destination Wedding

  • First and foremost, it is your wedding day and it is your decision to wed however you and your fiancé choose to.

  • Those who can’t make it to your destination wedding can celebrate your marriage with you once you return. It never hurts to have a party in celebration of the marriage once you return home so that everyone can share this momentous occasion in your life.

  • Those who were invited to join the wedding and can, will certainly enjoy themselves as they take in the breathtaking sights, great food, entertainment, and activities that surround them. Make sure you plan some group activities so that everyone can spend some time goofing off together.

  • By planning a destination wedding and making it wonderful for not just you and your soon-to-be spouse but for all those attending, will certainly start a trend in destination weddings. Inspire your friends to travel frequently and experience more of what the world has to offer by inviting them somewhere exceptionally unique for your wedding.

Destination weddings are on the rise and there’s definitely no need to ever feel guilty for choosing to marry in such a personal, adventurous manner. Put all those with alternative views on mute and jump on your laptop to start searching for the magical place where you and your fiancé can say your “I Do’s” and begin looking forward to your life together as a wedded couple.

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